General assembly of the embassy

To all the civil and military authorities of the country where the bearer of this credential is located, we ask for the support and right of international consideration based on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, April 18, 1961, which entered into force on April 24 April 1964 to the present day, where it refers to Article 41, in accordance with the UN Vienna Convention, applied to international organizations and the exclusive diplomatic and consular relations of the Vatican, privileges and immunity. This official credential protects before any civil, military or governmental authority of the country where you transit.

All credentialed personnel on this website have no salary, financial compensation, or have been hired. Their participation is 100% altruistic to collaborate in the improvement of the conditions of human beings, in accordance with the principles of international volunteering of the United Nations Organization.

ONU NEW YORK: DESA/122170/2012
UNESCO USA: 803978159
DOCUMENT USA: 1035235220002
RFC: UFA171026H60

If any credentials are not on this list, they do not correspond to UNESCO WFUCA authorized members.

Mr. George on Christophides

Founder and International President

Pradeep Kapahle

Founder and President UNESCO Nepal

Harriet Turner

Honorary Ambassador UNESCO WFUCA

Prince Victorio Stefano Massimo

President of the Aristocratic Council

Prince Fabricio Massimo Brancacio

President of the International Business Council

General David Thompson

Council of Honor

Jeff M. Thompson

Vicepresident in USA UNESCO Federation

Noé López

Director of Operations USA

José Humberto Escobar Machado

Vice President Latin America

Gary Wruble

Director of the Food and Nutrition Program

Carl Bernard Fitzgerald

Director of Financial and Economic Development

María Fernanda Mazo

Director Nutritionist

Miguel Ángel Bermudez Áviles

Security President and Military Affairs

Maria Mercedes Mejias Escalona

International Relations Latin America

Gerardo Mtanous

Finance Coordinator

Crescencio Morales Ávila

Project Coordinator

Miguel Ángel Covarrubias Delgado

Legal Director Latin America

Jhon Jairo Coll Carvajal

Business Director for Venezuela

J. Antonio Machado León


José Octavio Aceves Partida


Sergio Arturo Villarreal Martínez de Alba