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UN 75th Anniversary

The UN’s 75th anniversary in 2020 arrived at a time of great upheaval and peril.

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Clubs, Centres and Associations for UNESCO

Since the first UNESCO Club was founded in Japan, in 1947, Clubs, Centres and Associations for UNESCO have been very valuable partners for the Organization.

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We are a team to make a better world

We support the work of the United Nations Committee on NGOs for Economic and Social Development, the intergovernmental body responsible for granting consultative status to non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In a state of active consultation, participation in meetings and events at the United Nations, accreditations and other matters is currently available in English, Spanish.

For up-to-date news and information on the results of key meetings and participation in upcoming activities and events at the United Nations, among others.

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World Federation Of Unesco Club Center And Association

Founder president: George On Cristophides.
Founder president: Pradeep Kaphale of Club UNESCO Damauli and UNESCO Nepal.
Peace director: Guy Doken of UNESCO Center for Peace.
President UNESCO WFUCA USA: Harriet Turner Rivas
Vice president: UNESCO WFUCA USA: Jeff Mark Thompson

ONU NEW YORK: DESA/122170/2012
UNESCO USA: 803978159
DOCUMENT USA: 1035235220002
RFC: UFA171026H60

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